It's kind of a long story, but...

In 1989, Connor Childs' father opened Exquisite Designs, a custom fine-furniture wood shop. Connor worked for his master-craftsman father throughout his childhood and into his college years - sweeping sawdust, sanding carvings and panels, then ultimately programming and operating a 3 1/2 Axis CNC machine with 4 heads and 12’x6’ table (it was awesome). 

Fast-forward 27 years to 2016, and the family wood shop is closed. Connor's father now designs and manages high-end residential projects. During the day, Connor works as a natural-gas pipeline inspector and his wife, Bri, owns Desert Child Events, an event and wedding coordination company. 

Childs & Co. is the fulfillment of Connor & Bri’s dream to have a small family shop once again. Using the skills his father passed down, Connor spends his free time making high-end, handcrafted butcher blocks, and Bri runs every other aspect of the business. Occasionally, you may see a product pop up from one of the other two Childs brothers. This is truly a family-owned and operated business.  

So why butcher blocks? In his free time, Connor's love for precision and craftsmanship translated into a love for cooking, grilling, and anything that put him in the kitchen. The more he learned, the more he longed for quality kitchen products. After owning  just about every size and type of cutting surface, Connor was never fully satisfied, or else he was blown away by the massive price tag attached to most butcher blocks. Childs & Co. offers high end butcher blocks that can last a lifetime if properly maintained, at a price that won’t destroy your bank account. 

Head to our shop to find the perfect pairing for your kitchen counter. From our home to yours.

- Childs & Co. 

Meet the makers: Connor, Bri, Marlin, & Riley

Meet the makers: Connor, Bri, Marlin, & Riley