Market Prep!


Hello! We are all geared up and excited about this weekends Makers Market in the Park on Santana Row in San Jose, CA. We will have a total of 25 beautiful new boards of all shapes and sizes, along with some great mid-century inspired walnut coaster sets! You'll just have to stop by to see them! Even more exciting, my brother, Tanner, has made some great beer holders which we will also have for sale at our booth. Our tiny home shop has been in full swing and pretty much tapped out (capacity wise) producing boards for the upcoming event. So much so, Ive been oiling all of the boards on our family dining table, simply because I don't have the room in the shop.

Childs & Co., in every way, is a small business and we love and embrace it. When you shop small, whether you buy one of our boards or some of the beautiful handmade jewelry at the Makers Market, you're directly supporting someones dreams. Your money doesn't go to a massive corporation or a board of directors, it goes to the artist and pays their electricity bill and lets them continue creating. When you buy one of our boards, you are truly shopping local. All of our materials come from local, family owned lumber yards. We shop small so that when you shop small, ALL of your money goes right back into the community. Be sure to stop by and say hi this weekend, we would love to meet you! 

- Connor 


Wholesale Pricing and Custom Orders


With some recently gained traction, we have been adjusting to our new busy schedules, cranking out as many boards as we possibly can. With that, we have been learning how to price our boards so everyone gets the best deal possible. For the average consumer, the price won't change, but we now offer wholesale pricing at 60% of retail price for orders of 10 (qty.) or more for local shops. Additionally, we are now accepting custom orders with a 15-day lead time before shipping. 

Have a store-front and want to stock only a couple Childs & Co. boards? No worries! We have pricing available for you upon request.  We are flexible and are willing to bend to meet your needs. Being a small business, we do all we can to support small businesses. 

We can't wait to work with you! 

- Connor

Makers Market in the Park

We are very excited to announce our participation in the upcoming "Makers Market in the Park" event on Santana Row in San Jose, CA. Makers Market is a great shop on Santana Row that offers products made by local craftsmen and artisans. We are honored to have been invited to be a part of such a great event and cannot wait to show you guys what we have been working on! If you're in the Bay Area, come by to say hi and check out all of the great vendors that will be there!

For more information, click here: Makers Market in the Park