Walnut Butcher Block on our Walnut Slab Table. 

Walnut Butcher Block on our Walnut Slab Table. 

Childs & Co. delivers handcrafted butcher blocks from our home to yours. 

Family-owned and operated, Childs & Co. was built on a love for sawdust, cooking, and the perfectly curated charcuterie board.

The husband & wife duo...

Connor Childs is the brawn and the heart behind Childs & Co. Raised in a woodshop, Connor uses his years of experience to create our high quality butcher blocks. You can find him working away in our home shop or capturing the perfect picture of our blocks.

Bri Childs runs the biz side of Childs & Co. With a background in marketing, social media, and events, you can find Bri snapping Instagram pictures in the woodshop, curating the perfect hashtags, and chatting up customers on Etsy.

Solid Hardwoods Only. Only 3 hardwoods can be found in our shop: Cherry, Maple, & Walnut. Why? While exotic woods may look beautiful, they may contain toxins you don't want to add to your dinner. Additionally, some woods are more porous than others and can harbor bacteria easily. 
Wood Glue. We only use the best and the most trusted. Titebond III. Superior bond strength & FDA approved for indirect food contact, specifically for cutting board use. 
Butcher Block Mineral Oil. We use Howard Products Butcher Block & Cutting Board Oil. A food grade mineral oil, enriched with Vitamin E. FDA Approved, recommended for continued care. See our "Care" page for more details. 
Functionality. Okay, not an ingredient, but a very important element to our boards. While engravings may be pretty and make great wedding gifts, engravings have sharp edges and corners that make for uneven cutting surfaces. Additionally, those sharp edges and corners can chip easily and harbor bacteria.